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  Recently, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that mental illnesses account for an increasing proportion of disability in developed countries. In the modern society, mental stress is particularly the cause of not only psychological disorder, such as anger, anxiety, depression and sleep apnea, but also physical disorder, such as upset stomach, fatigue, headache, muscle tension and sex drive. Furthermore, it increases the risk of the cardiovascular disease by 40% which is a primary cause of death. Recent studies have found that neuro-stimulation can be used to relieve the stress level and symptoms. Transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) which is a kind of non-invasive neuro-stimulation method injects current into the specific region of brain with certain frequency, amplitude and duty cycle. Such stress treatments are based on the userí»s neuro-status from physiological signal monitoring. Before the stimulation, monitoring should be conducted to find stimulation region and parameters according to symptom. During the stimulation, monitoring is also required to maximize the persistence time of stimulation effect and to guarantee the safety. Besides, treatment progress should be monitored after the stimulation. In that sense, simultaneous user monitoring and electrical stimulation are essential for accurate closed-loop stress management system. Considering the stressors of everyday life, stress monitoring and treatment should be performed every day and that is why wearable mental health management system is required.

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