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  A body sensor network (BSN) consists of 3 major elements of sensor node, base station and network system. The sensor nodes are distributed over the body and collect various vital signals. The network system provides efficient communication between the base station and the sensor nodes. The base station manages the whole body sensor network system. BioMAP is a low power BSN control processor capable of managing 254 sensor nodes. It contains a schedule director (SD), a 16-bit general purposed RISC, 3 kinds of the memory and a radio block. The schedule director (SD) manages sensor node schedule and generates packets. The radio block is provided for wireless communication with the distributed sensor nodes. The RISC is a general purpose processor which executes the system initialization code or user program like a data compression.

BSN Healthcare System


- Central manager controller for body sensor network

- 16-bit RISC, SD, memory, radio block

- Manage distributed 254 sensor nodes

- Ultra low energy operation

- Small size & simple interface

Implementation Results

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