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   The robots with artificial intelligence (AI) are being investigated for many unmanned systems, such as unmanned delivery services. The robots are rapidly getting smaller and faster along with the advances in robotics technology, and they have to perform more complicated tasks in dynamically changing environments. Therefore, an ultra-low-power and high-performance artificial intelligence processor (AIP) is necessary for intelligent robots to make fast and smart maneuvers in dynamic environments filled with obstacles. The proposed 16 mm2 AIP is fabricated using 65 nm triple-well CMOS technology. It consumes only 1.1 mW at 0.55 V supply voltage and 7 MHz operating frequency, and 151 mW at 1.2 V supply voltage and 245 MHz operating frequency. The AIP achieves fast search speed (470,000 search/s) and low energy consumption (79 nJ/search), and it is successfully applied to the robots for autonomous navigation without any collision in dynamic environments.


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