IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems (BIOCAS), Accepted  

"A Capsule Endoscope System for Wide Visualization Field and Location Tracking"
Jaeeun Jang et al.

Hot Chips: Symposium on High Performance Chips, 2018, Accpeted  

"An Energy-Efficient Unified Deep Neural Network Accelerator with Fully-Variable Weight Precision for Mobile Deep Learning Applications"
Jinmook Lee et al.

Symposium on VLSI Circuits (SoVC), 2018, Accepted  

"B‐Face: 0.2 mW CNN‐Based Face Recognition Processor with Face Alignment for Mobile User Identification"
Sanghoon Kang et al.

"A 0.8V 82.9μW In‐Ear BCI Controller System with 8.8 PEF EEG Instrumentational Amplifier and Wireless BAN 
Jaehyuk Lee et al.

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