IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 2018, Accepted  

"A 141.4 mW Low-Power Online Deep Neural Network Training Processor for Real-time Object Tracking in Mobile Devices"
Donghyeon Han et al.

"A 46.1 fps Global Matching Optical Flow Estimation Processor for Action Recognition in Mobile Devices"
Juhyoung Lee et al.

"A 0.78 mW Low-Power 4.02 High-Compression Ratio Less than 10−6 BER Error-Tolerant Lossless Image Compression Hardware for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy System"
Jiwon Lee et al.

International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), 2018, Accepted  

"A 50.6TOPS/W Energy-Efficient Unified Deep Neural-Network Accelerator with 1-to-16b Fully Variable Bit Precision"
Jinmook Lee et al.

"4-Camera VGA Resolution Capsule Endoscope with 80Mb/s Body Channel Communication Transceiver and Sub-cm Range Capsule Localization"
Jaeeun Jang et al.

"A 9.02mW CNN-Stereo based Real-time 3D Hand Gesture Recognition Processor for Smart Mobile Devices"
Sungpill Choi et al.

Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference (ASSCC), 2017, Accepted  

"A 21mW Low-power Recurrent Neural Network Accelerator with Quantization Tables for Embedded Deep Learning Applications"
Jinmook Lee et al.

"A 2.79-mW 0.5%-THD CMOS Current Driver IC for Portable Electrical Impedance Tomography System"
Jaeeun Jang et al.

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