IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (JSSC), 2018, Published  

"An EEG-NIRS Multimodal SoC for Accurate Anesthesia Depth Monitoring"
Unsoo Ha et al.

"A Low-Power Convolutional Neural Network Face Recognition Processor and a CIS Integrated With Always-on Face Detector"
Kyeongryeol Bong et al.

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers (TCAS-I), 2018, Published  

"A 0.55 V 1.1 mW Artificial Intelligence Processor with On-chip PVT Compensation for Autonomous Mobile Robots"
Youchang Kim et al.

Journal of Semiconductor Science and Technology (JSTS), 2017, Published  

"0.025mJ/Image Fast-scan and SNR Enhanced Electrical Impedance Tomography IC for Lung Ventilation Monitoring"
Jaehyuk Lee et al.

"A 55.77 μW Bio-impedance Sensor with 276 μs Settling Time for Portable Blood Pressure Monitoring System"
Kwantae Kim et al.

"A 206.3 μW Non-contact Compensation IC for Body Channel Communication"
Kyoung-Rog Lee et al.

" A 48 μW, 8.88 mW/W Batteryless Wirelessly Power Transferred Body Channel Communication Identification System"
Jihee Lee et al.

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